Custom Character Graphics

Looking for a character for your brand? Whether you want a character to represent you or a product, let us help you bring her (or him) to life! Funky, stylish, chic, geeky, cool or just plain fun, we can create an eye-catching character that will be eye-catching and perfect!

Personal Caricatures

Quirky Girl has been creating eye-catching caricatures since 2002 for clients all over the world. Used in lieu of a photograph, these "chick graphics" exude friendliness and are eye-catching. Perfect for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media or public profile avatars.

Personal caricatures/chick graphics start at $25.

Commercial Character Design

Need a character for a product or merchandise? Quirky Girl can create a character perfect for your product. Please use the contact form to discuss your project and ask for a quote.

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